ClassCut R

The robust, simple all-rounder with excellent cost-efficiency

ClassCut was specially developed for flexible plastics recyclers’ needs. It is excellently suited for shredding technical plastics with high mechanical properties and can be used for all types of plastics. ClassCut achieves throughput rates of 300–800kg.

Noise insulation and suction are integrated in the ClassCut as a standard. The noise insulation is easy to open and guarantees optimum access to the grinder without tools in just a few moments.

The advantages at a glance:
• Excellent cost-efficiency
• Robust
• Highly energy efficient
• Simple handling
• Compact
• Double V-cut
• Plug and start
• Known & proven shredding process combined with excellent Nuga Systems properties.

Classcut R 420/540:
ClassCut R 420/540 has a 4-star rotor, which is milled from solid materials, as well as three stator blades. Standard equipment includes motors of up to 22kW. ClassCut has a double V-shaped blade layout for optimum shearing. To achieve a narrow granulate spectrum and maximum efficiency the sieves were mounted on the maximum possible surfaces and on two screen baskets.


  ClassCut R 420/540
Main Motor 18,5 kW (22 kW),
  50/60 Hz, 400 volts
Throughput volumes 40 m3/min (61 m3/min)
Throughput rate 300-800 kg/h
Cutting speed 650 m/min
Sieve services 200 °
Rotor blade length 510 mm
Rotor diameter 420 mm
Number of rotor blades 4
Number of stator blades 3
Length closed 1930 mm
Length opened 2550 mm
Wide closed 1175 mm
Wide opened 2175 mm
Height 1980 mm
Weight 2500kg